First Class Marine Services

SAFEEN Marine Services provides a comprehensive suite of world-class marine services to customers regionally and globally. Our cutting-edge equipment and facilities combined with highly trained, experienced personnel to ensure cost-efficiency, safety and, of course, quality. Our marine services include in-person and remote pilotage; coastal & harbour towage of a wide variety of vessel types by certified tug-masters, and swift and seamless mooring. We offer bunkering, as well as an array of traditional marine and quayside services.

  •  VTS
  • Vessel handling (pilotage, pilot boat, towage, mooring)
  •  Bunkering
  •  Ferry Management
  •  Landing Craft
  •  Diving
  •  Marine Logistics
  •  Marine Consultancy
  •  Marine Navigational Services (AtoN)
  •  Marine Infrastructure Management (Marina and Slipways)
  •  Wreck Removal


Transshipment Hafeet

Optimising Efficiency and Economy

SAFEEN Transshipment enables bulk cargo to be shipped in the largest possible deep-sea vessels at load or discharge berths that are draft restricted. Our bespoke logistics solutions and project expertise result in substantial freight savings for our customers.

We are the only Middle Eastern Company providing transshipment services today, primarily transshipping Bauxite and Iron Ore, and some other commodities.

Our fleet includes barges and MV HAFEET, the largest commercial bulk vessel registered under the UAE flag, transshipping inbound iron ore pellets for the steel industry.

  • World-class transshipment services
  • Substantial freight savings
  • Bespoke logistics solutions
  • Specialised transshipment units serving Emirates Steel
  • Project expertise
  • Effective bulk cargo handling
  • Fleet of vessels including self-propelled and self-discharging barges, tugs and speed boats



End-to-End Offshore Service Solutions

To complement our full service offering across SAFEEN Group we have undergone rapid expansion within SAFEEN Offshore & Subsea.
Partnerships and acquisitions have enhanced our current offering, providing the combined marine assets, underwater services and bespoke solutions our clients require.

Our joint venture with Allianz Logistics Middle East, OFCO – Offshore International (OFCO), the GCC region’s leading provider of integrated onshore and offshore marine logistics services, has ensured an additional fleet of support vessels, landing crafts and tugs, as well as multi-use storage space.

A further joint venture with National Marine Dredging Company (NMDC) established SAFEEN Surveys and Subsea Services, dedicated to delivering offshore surveys and subsea services regionally and internationally.
A range of services and capabilities are available including, offshore survey (geophysical, geotechnical, positioning and data acquisition), engineering, diving (air/saturation), dredging support and subsea inspection through the safe control of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), and above water via Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV).

Our recent acquisition of Divetech ensures a wealth of experience across subsea including Inspection Repair & Maintenance (IRM), engineering and survey and commercial diving to meet customer needs.

SAFEEN Offshore & Subsea is continually expanding and innovating. We offer turnkey solutions across offshore, oil & gas and renewable energies and operate a number of offshore support vessels to meet clients’ needs.

  • Onshore and offshore logistics
  • Survey
  • Commercial diving
  • IRM
  • Engineering
  • Dredging
  • Support vessels including DSV MPSV Pipelay and Heavylift



International Trade Route Connectivity

SAFEEN Feeders provides regional and international trade route connectivity across container feedering and dry bulk and has also diversified into offering tanker operations.
We are one of the largest feeder companies in the region, and the only one collaborating with all major global container shipping companies.
We have a rapidly expanding owned and operated fleet with Khalifa Port as our hub and our exemplary service is a key component for freight forwarders, providing a crucial link for global connectivity and enabling uninterrupted trade.

  • Container feedering services within the GCC, Indian subcontinent, Mediterranean, Red Sea, Singapore and China.
  • Dry Bulk service between Khalifa Port, Bangladesh, Sudan and Turkey
  • Tanker operation