With A Vision Of Being “The Preferred Provider Of World-Class Integrated Marine And Ports Services”, ABU DHABI MARINE SERVICES – SAFEEN, Has Laid Out An Operational Framework In Its Mission, Which Is To Provide Abu Dhabi Ports And The Wider Maritime Community In The Uae, With Efficient And Sustainable Operations By Delivering World-Class Port Services, Offering Best Value While Maintaining The Highest Levels Of Safety, Compliance And Respect To The Maritime Environment.



Vessels Approaching Abu Dhabi ports are comfortable in the knowledge that the expansive range of SAFEEN’s port services and experience are well documented to tackle all issues involving pilotage, vessel traffic, and if the need arises, tug and towing services.
VTS - Vessel Traffic Services

At SAFEEN, we use advanced radio communication and radar surveillance technologies to provide accurate vessel tracking services (VTS) to all ships using Abu Dhabi Ports and waterways. Our skilled supervisors and operators are well trained to IALA standards and effectively work from our centralized VTS station in Khalifa Port to support vessels across all our operated ports in the region. Thanks to automatic identification systems, we do not only track vessel movements efficiently and meticulously, but also provide excellent navigational assistance to all visiting ships.

Incident-free and punctual, SAFEEN’s robust VTS remains one of the best in the world, positively impacting the efficiency of Abu Dhabi Ports’ processes with quick turnarounds for vessels, and better overall scheduling.

As we progress in our current operations, we plan to consolidate our VTS system across all the ports of Abu Dhabi to increase operational efficiency and maximize the value of all ports functions. Upon completion, the consolidation will also enhance the marine workflow and increase navigational safety within Khalifa, Musaffah, Zayed and the Free Ports.

Our skilled team of experienced and certified pilots work to ensure that port activities continue uninterrupted, 24 hours a day. Thanks to close coordination with VTS and Towage, our pilots always board vessels on time and skillfully assist you as you bring your vessel into and out of our ports. Our pilots have extensive practical experience with the various types of vessels that call at Abu Dhabi ports, so you can always be sure of safe movement and docking.
Tug & Towing
There’s always a wide variety of different vessel types entering our ports, and our team of trained and certified tug masters and other crew have extensive knowledge of them all. From floating offshore oil & gas infrastructure to post-Panamax container ships, we can guide them all to safety thanks to in-depth knowledge of Abu Dhabi ports’ harbor characteristics. With our fleet of advanced tugs and skilled crew, we ensure that you’ll leave as safely, reliably and efficiently as you arrive.


SAFEEN has a wide array of equipment in its inventory and a dedicated team of professionals at hand, ready to respond to and combat oil spills in Abu Dhabi Ports. SAFEEN is well equipped to cover Tier 1 spills and work in close cooperation with agencies to cover tier 2 & 3 spills.
Ferry Management
SAFEEN provides management of high-speed crafts that move and transport passengers between Delma Island and Mugharag port. These passenger and vehicle ferries move to and from Delma Island through Jabal Al Dhanna (Mugharraq Port) and Delma Island Port.
Oil Spill Response
SAFEEN manages and operates a wide array of equipment to deal with oil spills, and a dedicated team of professionals that remains ready to respond effectively to all spills in Abu Dhabi Ports. SAFEEN is well equipped to cover Tier 1 spills quickly and efficiently, while service level agreements with market leaders give allow us to work in close cooperation with agencies to cover Tier 2 & 3 spills.
SAFEEN's licensed and knowledgeable workforce is always on hand to ensure that your arrival and departure from berths at Abu Dhabi’s ports go smoothly. We’ll always make sure you’re moored and unmoored safely and efficiently. Our staff take great pride in ensuring that you receive a friendly and professional service, and because we know that time is money, we will always do everything within our power to manage your safe arrival and departure in the least amount of time possible.
Protection of Environment
At SAFEEN, we are all too aware that the world’s oceans and their precious habitats are fragile. As trustees of Abu Dhabi’s waterways, we don’t separate protecting the marine environment from conducting our business. The two go hand-in-hand, and we see environmental protection as a priority that underpins all of our operations. It rests with us to minimize the risks associated with oil transportation through our waterways, and to that end, we offer deployment, removal, and maintenance of oil booms within our ports.
Leasing of Fenders
Fenders play a vital role in the protection of ships and crews. We use Yokohama fenders because of their pedigree, and because they have been designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. The Yokohama Pneumatic fender was developed in 1958, drawing on the company’s experience with rubber technology for automotive tires and aircraft fuel tanks. Over time they have proven their performance and reliability, so SAFEEN is pleased to offer our customers this added peace of mind. Fender hire is available on request, so call us to find out more.
Marine Lubrication
Lube oil is like the lifeblood of a ship’s machinery, lubricating and cooling parts that would otherwise destroy themselves due to friction and heat. The best oils significantly reduce wear, improve performance in operation, reduce maintenance costs and keep everything moving at peak levels for the longest possible time. SAFEEN can supply you with all major brands of these vital marine lubricants, and we are also happy to help you select the product with the right characteristics for your vessel’s particular needs.
Bollard Pull
Bollard pull is a conventional measure of the pulling, or towing power of a vessel. It is described as the force (in kiloNewtons (kN) or tons) that a vessel exerts at full power, through a tow-line on a shore-mounted bollard. It is usually measured in a practical test that can include level trim, calm water, no tide, and with enough depth and side clearance for a free propeller stream. Just like the horsepower rating of a car, Bollard Pull is a convenient but idealized number that must be adjusted for different operating conditions. Talk to SAFEEN about our Bollard Pull testing services at Khalifa and Zayed ports.
As a part of SAFEEN’s innovative drive to provide it’s port users with value added services, a Bunkering Division has been established to cater to the supply of Marine Gas Oil, Diesel Oil and Compliant Marine Fuel Oil. We ensure that good quality fuel is delivered while your vessel is safely moored at any berth within Abu Dhabi Ports’ jurisdiction.
Supply Fresh Water in Zayed Port, Khalifa Port and Free Port
We supply fresh water to sea going vessels in the limit of AD Ports. We can cater to emergency supply of fresh water in large quantity in shortest possible time.
Logistics Services
Pilots transport to assist the ship’s Masters for the conduct of ships entering and leaving ports on time and support internal departments for their logistics requirements.
Quay Wall Maintenance
Maintenance and repairs of existing quays when maintenance is required. our professionals will carry out all quays maintenance and repair works after the observations, suggestions and detailed study to set out the necessary corrective action plans which ultimately results in better quays for the customers.
Oil Boom Hire Service
Oil Boom hire service is available for 24/7 deployment and recovery with an experienced team who will protect against any oil spill and limit the risk potential of debris and trash during an incident or any emergency.
L/C Al Fazeiya
L/C Al Fazeiya available for cargo transport from Mugharag port to Delma island and vice versa conducting daily trips and ready for several trips upon customer demand


Established in compliance with maritime buoyage standards chartered by the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA), SAFEEN’s Aid-to-Navigation (AtoN) services ensure safe and efficient movement of vessels in and out of the waters of Abu Dhabi.

Established in compliance with maritime buoyage standards chartered by The International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA), SAFEEN’s Aid-to-Navigation (AtoN) services ensure Safe and efficient movement of vessels inbound and outbound of the waters of Abu Dhabi, supported by a dedicated team of technical specialists conducting Routine maintenance and inspection of nearly 1,200 buoys and beacons, around the ports to keep you on course, and further enhance the protection of the maritime environment.

We’re proud to say that Abu Dhabi Ports is one of 9 international organizations accredited to deliver IALA training. It allows us to train our own staff to achieve the internationally recognized IALA Aids to Navigation (AtoN) Level-2 qualification.

Survey Services
We offer a wide range of fully-integrated high quality survey services including Hydrographic Survey, Side Scan Imaging Survey, Geo Physical Survey, Pre/Post Dredging Surveys and Oceanographic Studies. Our qualified personnel keep pace with the latest innovations in equipment and software, and are continually expanding our portfolio of marine solutions.
Diving Services
Our divers are not only highly professional; they also have the profound local knowledge. You can always trust a local who knows the territory, because they understand the harbor that you don’t see, its moods and its quirks. So, if you’re in need of assistance below the waterline, SAFEEN is equipped to offer comprehensive diving services, including underwater welding, installation and repair of pontoons, hydroblasting, and filming. Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk about your particular requirements. We offer competitive pricing, a team with serious work ethic and a service that’s second to none.


From tug boats, pilot boats, buoy handling vessels and speed boats, SAFEEN has a team of specialized experts at hand ready to carry out technical vessel maintenance services, perform inspection and troubleshooting activities on site to diagnose problems, and determine appropriate resolutions to implement corrective action and work alongside the team of service engineers.

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