First Class Marine Services

SAFEEN provides a comprehensive suite of word-class marine services to customers regionally and globally. Our cutting-edge equipment and facilities combine with highly-trained, experienced personnel to ensure cost-efficiency, safety and, of course, quality. SAFEEN’s marine services include in-person and remote pilotage; towage of a wide variety of vessel types by certified tug-masters and swift and seamless mooring. We also offer bunkering, as well as an array of traditional marine and quayside services.

  •  VTS
  •  Vessels Handling Services (Pilotage, Pilot boat, Towage, Mooring)
  •  Bunkering Services
  •  Ferry Management
  •  Landing Craft
  •  Diving Services
  •  Marine Logistics Services
  •  Marine Consultancy Services
  •  Marine Navigational Services (AtoN)
  •  Marine Infrastructure Management (Marina and Slipways)
  •  Wreck Removal Services


Optimising Efficiency and Economy

We provide world-class transshipment services combining project experience with extensive infrastructure capability, and low operational costs. SAFEEN further strengthened its position in the market via the acquisition of a Post Panamax bulk carrier; converted into a transshipment vessel and named MV Hafeet, it is the largest commercial bulk vessel registered under the UAE flag.

  • Solid bulk cargo transshipment services recently launched in collaboration with Emirates Steel
  • Executed via the largest commercial bulk vessel registered in the UAE – HAFEET
  • State-of-the-art cranes and conveyor system
  • Summer deadweight of up to 101,648 metric tonnes
  • Seven holds for cargo storage
  • Assisted by three self-propelled and self-discharging barges, tugs and speed boats
  • Marine Transshipment Services
  • Bulk Cargo Handling


End-to-End Offshore Service Solutions

SAFEEN has a joint venture with Allianz Logistics Middle East, OFCO – Offshore International (OFCO), the GCC region’s leading provider of integrated onshore and offshore marine logistics services. Equipped with a fleet of support vessels, crew boats, landing crafts and tugs, as well as multi-use storage space, we deliver bespoke solutions to our customers, offshore drilling, pipe and cable lay support, and oil spill response.

  • Marine Vessels Core Services
  • Offshore Support & Transport Core Services
  • Offshore Subsea Services