ABU DHABI MARINE SERVICES – SAFEEN (which means “ships” in Arabic) was established in March 2013. It is a fully owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ports, and is staffed by more than 200 certified and extensively trained personnel operating a modern fleet and offering a comprehensive and cost-effective range of marine and ancillary quayside services to all vessels that call at the Emirate’s seaports.

But that’s just what we do. It is why we do it that makes us who we are. SAFEEN is an industry leader in port services because as a team we share a vision. We aspire to be the best, world-class in all that we do; safe, compliant, and respectful of the marine environment. We know that we can always improve, so we’ll never stop pursuing perfection, and we know that we’re only ever as good as our last job. That’s why everything matters and personal responsibility is paramount. Every staff member knows that we are all our reputation.



Our accreditations and certifications speak for themselves. They tell the story of SAFEEN’s commitment to uphold the highest standards in all of our operations. Our staff and services will continue to meet and exceed internationally recognized requirements in pursuit of our ultimate goal: to be the best at what we do.

  • Accredited by the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation & Lighthouse Authorities (IALA).
  • Accredited for ISO 14001: 2004
  • Accredited for ISO 9001:2015 - specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that an organization can use to enhance its environmental performance.
  • Accredited DOC and SMC as per ISM – Elements of the International Safety Management Code to ensure safety at sea.
  • ISPO Certification for Khalifa Port, Zayed Port and Musaffah Port.
  • Accredited for OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Accredited for ISO 22301


Sitting at the centre of various international trade routes, the Arabian Gulf has long been a maritime crossroad for centuries. The sea is still at the centre of life here, and while paying homage to the rich marine history of the region, Safeen embodies the rich heritage of our seafaring nation.

In 2013, Abu Dhabi Ports, the master developer, operator and manager of ports and the Khalifa Industrial Zone (Kizad) in the Emirate, renamed its subsidiary, Abu Dhabi Marine Services to ‘Safeen’. The word means “ships” in Arabic and it signaled the creation of a company dedicated to delivering world-class port services to its local and international customers.

With more than 200 extensively trained and certified staff operating a modern fleet, SAFEEN offers its customers a wide range of innovative and distinctive marine services.

In a few short years, we have achieved great success, thanks to our ongoing commitment to excellence and safety. Our prestigious International Safety Management (ISM) certification from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) shows that safety lies at the heart of all we do.



With A Vision Of Being “The Preferred Provider Of World-Class Integrated Marine And Ports Services”, ABU DHABI MARINE SERVICES - SAFEEN, Has Laid Out An Operational Framework In Its Mission, Which Is To Provide Abu Dhabi Ports And The Wider Maritime Community In The Uae, With Efficient And Sustainable Operations By Delivering World-Class Port Services, Offering Best Value While Maintaining The Highest Levels Of Safety, Compliance And Respect To The Maritime Environment.

SAFEEN fulfills its mission by focusing on its core Port and Marine Services, optimizing its Fleet Management and Navigation Services, ultimately delivering an optimal and comprehensive range of marine services to the highest international standards.

Vision - to be the preferred provider of world-class integrated marine and port services.

Mission - to provide Abu Dhabi ports and the wider maritime community with the most efficient and sustainable operations, by delivering world-class marine and port services, offering best value whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety, compliance, and respect to the marine environment.




As a company wholly-owned and regulated by the port authority, Safeen is subject to considerable oversight in the provision of integrated marine and ports services. We are self-reliant, and do not rely on contractors to deliver our main services. We adhere to high operational standards, setting the benchmark for other providers in the region. Our certifications – ISO 9001:2015, 140001:2004 – ISM, OHSAS 18001:2007 demonstrate our commitment to excellence. We strive to nurture local talent in marine employment through our internationally recognized training.



Port authority and regulator owned company


ISO 140001:2004 ,9001:2015 – ISM – Code, OHSAS 18001:2007


Self-sufficient Administration of services


Setting the benchmark in the region


Development and training of local marine talent


HSE Policies

SAFEEN has developed a comprehensive system (called the Integrated Health Safety Environment and Business Continuity Policy) to ensure that we consistently meet our health and safety obligations towards our employees, sub-contractors, customers, visitors, and the communities in which we operate.

All of our staff, and managers in particular are tasked with promoting a culture of safety. Ongoing training and frequent campaigns -such as on-site awareness- are designed to keep safety at the forefront of all our operations, and to ingrain the attitude that safety is a collective responsibility to be shared at every level of the company.

Our commitment to maintaining safe working environments passed an important milestone in 2016 after we clocked up over one million working hours without ‘Lost Injury Time’. As we go forward, we continue to place a heavy emphasis on training, vigilance and personal responsibility.


CSR initiatives

SAFEEN has long been dedicated to engaging with local communities, both to encourage economic development and to raise awareness of health & Safety and environmental issues.

Our delegates have and continue to visit local schools to give students and teachers insight into the many dangers that ships and passengers may encounter, and allow students to enjoy practical demonstrations, such as how to inflate a lifejacket.

A vast number of our CSR projects aim to further develop the ports of Al Dhafra Region and enhance other facilities across the UAE, providing additional support to local communities and enabling a wealth of opportunities to flourish and secure their future.


Training & Development

People are the backbone of our industry and the day-to-day face of our company, so we invest in them with ongoing industry-related training, and we also foster a working environment in which they can thrive.

We give our staff every opportunity to develop their competencies so that they can be confident in their work and progress in their careers. We find that a respected and supported workforce becomes more productive and so offers a safer, more effective, and professional service.

By way of example; we have trained local Tug Masters to become qualified Pilots in Abu Dhabi Waterways using our state-of-the-art training centre located in Musaffah Port. The facility is equipped with a Ship Manoeuvring Simulator, a VTS Simulator and a computer laboratory. Each simulator can model a variety of vessels, ranging from high speed pilot and crew boats to the world’s largest container ships. This training follows the IALA model to meet the international standards our industry demands.


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